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Watercolor for Kids - Snow on a tree

Using a simple watercolor set let's paint snow on a tree using negative space and the wet-into-wet application. For more online lessons visit
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Reindeer cards Part 1 - Watercolor for Kids

Using one color let's make a fun card of a Reindeer. Learn an easy way how to transfer an image to watercolor paper and how to use resit.

Podcast: Atmospheric landscapes Dec 7

Well I think you all know that I am always willing to expand, grow and make mistakes .....So I am testing out Podcast of this weeks meeting for my Atmospheric landscapes online course. Let me know what you think?

Christmas tree - Watercolor for Kids

Here is a fun way for kids (and young at heart) to learn more about watercolor and a little bit about negative painting using an inexpensive watercolor set.

Snowman - Watercolor for Kids

Using an inexpensive watercolor set, let's paint a Snowman. This enjoyable lesson is geared towards children but adults will have fun too.

I have been deeply touched by some of letters and pictures that I have received from children, that my hope is to do a couple more for the Holidays.
Happy painting everyone

Composition & Design online course preview

If you have ever wondered how to make stronger compositions, this easy to understand compressive course is just for you. If you are interested in the course please visit View Course
If your not sure and want to try a Free MiniCoursea try, Visit my School and join in for future updates, possible discounts and webinars.

Keep track of the color your using

When painting, keep track of the colors and combinations that you used, this way if you leave and come back, or want to do another painting that is similar you will know what to use. 

White Flowers Online Course
It is easy to keep track, of colors, have a note book handy or even scrap paper. Anything that you can refer back to in the future.