Workshop Update

Happy Holidays

I have not yet posted all of my 2009 workshops due to my illness and wanted to give all of you a heads up..... I had an unexpected twist last week. After consultation with some other doctors from another Lymes clinic I found out that I have a more aggressive case of Lyme's than first thought

My doctors will be changing my treatment program to a more aggressive form sometime the future but I have no idea when. I would like them to make the change sooner than later but the doctors want to wait awhile. I am having a bit of anxiety of wanting to schedule workshops but I am at a point of not knowing what to do. My plan was to try stick to my commitments but I may have to wait with the new workshops that are on the burner.

My biggest concern is traveling when we switch to the more intensive treatment. I hopefully will know more after my next round of testing which can take up to three weeks for results. I first expected to be better by January so many of you many not even know that I was having some health issues. (I am sure that you know that I had Bells Palsy but that was only a symptom of the Lymes, the doctors should have diagnosed this in the begining but I had two negative tests. Fortunately it was one of my students that told me of the best lab to contact for the most accurate results.)

With this twist after consultation with the another Lyme's clinic I just don't know what to expect right now, I think I am doing better then I unexpectedly get slammed again with symptoms or hopefully die off. So we may have to reschedule some workshops until later this year or for 2010, please stay in touch and I will let you know any updates as soon as I know.

Best wishes