Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Watercolor Essentials - New book 2009

Soon to be released in March "Watercolor Essentials" . If you liked my first book "Watercolor in Motion" I think you will enjoy this one too.

"Watercolor Essentials" Covers a wide range of subjects with twenty-eight exercises covering many typical and other quite unique and unusual techniques. With 12 full demonstrations that takes the reader through the painting process.

Learn the benefits of working with quality materials and be challenged to express yourself through watercolor. Discover the illusion of depth, design, negative space, while creating landscapes, boats, waves, water, reflections, sand and rocks etc. designed more for the beginning to intermediate level the advance artist will enjoy the step-by step floral demonstrations.

The bonus DVD is a reference that demonstrates, in action the material covered in this book.
Scheduled release date March 11, 2009.
"Watercolor Essentials"
Hard cover spiral bound
Great Tips for both the beginning and intermediate watercolorists.
Features a book/DVD combination for the ultimate learning experience.
Easy to spot icons direct the reader from the book to the video, cross referencing the content.
The authors kind and gentle voice helps to remove any apprehension the reader may have.

I hope you enjoy it & Happy Painting
Birgit O'Connor


  1. Dear Birgit,

    I'm so happy to find you here.. As usual I remain a faithful away supporter and have ordered your second book. I haven't been able to paint much lately the classes I give take lots of time but my new studio is being built and I will take along with me your books, video and everything I have from you to inspire and motivate me to work again as I used to. (full-time)

    Congratulations on your new book and everything else happening in your art world.. way to go.

    Christiane (Quebec)

  2. Last night I read a book that quoted you in it- Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts. Perhaps you are well aware but in case you were not, your words of wisdom are encouraqging the masses beside the likes of Ralph W. Emerson!