Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Watercolor In Motion"

"Watercolor In Motion"
Released in 2008
It's the interplay between water and paint that makes this medium so exciting. It's no wonder, then, that wet-into-wet is one of the most popular methods for painting in watercolor. This unique book/DVD workshop shows you how to "go with the flow," moving watercolor across the page to create gorgeous paintings. It covers everything from selecting the best papers, paints and brushes, to achieving intense color passages, the illusion of depth and lively shadows.15 step-by-step demonstrations illustrate important lessons on shapes, complementary colors, masking fluid, glazing and more. The techniques are illustrated with Birgit O'Connor's bold and beautiful flowers, but are applicable to any subject. The included DVD shows key techniques in action-blending colors, creating hard and soft edges, and painting water drops-as well as troubleshooting common problems with washes. Watercolor has a reputation for being unpredictable. But the secret to success, as you'll learn here, is using the right amount of water, which lets you have more control ... and fun!
Signed copies available on my web-site or through Amazon or any fine books store.

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