Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Question for Painting on Location

Q: Good Afternoon Birgit,
Thanks for the email, so glad the your book is available at Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. I shop at these two places. I have this book already and it signed which I found very nice this personal touch and the fact that you answer my email. Providing me with a helpful solution to my challenge with the back ground color for my floral painting. I use to paint a lot years ago and life just got in the way too many things happen. Now I'm getting back into it and your book with the DVD has been very helpful and inspirational. My next challenge is to paint on location. The last time I found it distracting and I couldn't focus on just one flower, scene, or subject matter, not to mention the bugs, mosquitoes, the light changing so fast. There is so much to deal with before you get ready to paint. I got so stress out, all I could do was take lots of photos, with the intend to use them when I got home. Do you have any suggestions?
I'm one of those student that learn by demo. Thanks again for any inputs you may want to share.
As always a friend

A: Hi Julia
Nice to hear from you, yes....painting outside in watercolor is very different than working on the studio I have found that I am happier with my paintings if I paint much smaller, looser and use more wet into wet techniques while on location, I mean small. 2x3 - 4x5 not much bigger. I am then able to capture more of the essence instead of every detail, for details I can take a photo.
Hope this helps Birgit


  1. Dear Birgit. How I wish I was closer. I can almost imagine a day outside painting with such great company as yourself...

    Hang positive my friend..