Started to paint again - at least trying to

I have to admit I am now glad that I postponed my out of state workshops. This healing process is not much fun the Herx reaction takes you down almost to the beginning of the illness before you go up and hopefully recover. Even feeling really lousy I can't give up or I have given them a chance to regroup. I know in some cases even after all of these meds that I am taking it doesn't help but I am at war with these creatures and will keep a positive attitude and will not give up.

I did finally paint the other day for an hour, I was given Dr. Martin watercolors to try, they said that they are now light fast. I tried them in the background and the colors are very intense. Unfortunately it just didn't feel like me or what I was looking for at that moment so I started another painting using WN which felt much more comfortable to me, and I am starting to like this one. I know I need to paint more and that it will help me through my own healing process.
If I get an hour in of painting I am really happy, I still have to be very careful not to overdo it, one day I might feel better I then do more than I really should.


  1. Dear Birgit,

    I sure am glad to see you painting again even for an hour a day or every now and then. Any major hillness takes time to hill and this one makes no exception. I'm slow at getting into my new studio but am working at it.

    So you be good, do not over do it and with time things will get back to where they were before..


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