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Workshop Update

Happy Holidays

I have not yet posted all of my 2009 workshops due to my illness and wanted to give all of you a heads up..... I had an unexpected twist last week. After consultation with some other doctors from another Lymes clinic I found out that I have a more aggressive case of Lyme's than first thought

My doctors will be changing my treatment program to a more aggressive form sometime the future but I have no idea when. I would like them to make the change sooner than later but the doctors want to wait awhile. I am having a bit of anxiety of wanting to schedule workshops but I am at a point of not knowing what to do. My plan was to try stick to my commitments but I may have to wait with the new workshops that are on the burner.

My biggest concern is traveling when we switch to the more intensive treatment. I hopefully will know more after my next round of testing which can take up to three weeks for results. I first expected to be better by January so many of you many not even k…