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Mendocino Workshop Waves & Water

I am getting ready for my Mendocino Workshop this weekend March 27-28 "Waves and Water" and am really looking forward to it. The weather looks like it is going to be gorgeous! I think there might be a few openings left if anyone would like to join us - or for more workshop information please visit my Workshop page

Out of State Workshops - Postponed

It is with a heavy heart I will have to postpone many of my out of State (California) workshops due to health issues. In May of 2007 I came down with Bells Palsy, in 2008 I came down other health problems only to find out that these were all symptoms of Lymes / Babesia (tick diseases) -the price I paid for long walks in nature. During this time I requested Lymes testing from my doctors and twice the results came back negative along with clinical misdiagnoses.

It is very common to have false negative or false positive results with Lymes testing. Fortunately it was one of my students that directed me to a lab (Igenex), which is known for the most accurate testing available and for that I will be forever grateful. After a more extensive full panel test I ended up with positive for Lymes result along with another tick co-infection. I have been treated since August of 2008 but unfortunately my test results still show an aggressive form of Lymes. So at this time we will be changing my treatm…