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Point Reyes National Seashore -old Life boat station

What a great workshop this past weekend at the old Life boat station in the Point Reyes National Seashore we were working on "treasure from the shore" workshop. We had baby Elephant Seals outside the door and 3 whale spouting at the end of the dock. It was really windy (Normal for Spring). what a great group of students - will post photos as soon as possible.
I was rearranging my craft room and found a VHS tape "Field Studies". I hadn't actually watched it before because I've been using my computer with DVD's. I have had a block lately. I've been trying to get into painting again but found I was rearranging,buying different colors and gadgets but couldn't get inspired to paint. I watched the video and decided to try your suggestion starting with small scraps. I have been painting and enjoying painting ever since. I'm satisfied with using a few tried and true colors instead of trying to find the "new" color that would inspire me. That was the best tip I have ever received,my second was using a bigger brush (also from you).
I was wondering what color you mix to get a good sand color?
Thank you for your approach to painting. Your books are my favorites and I have many.
Sincerely, Kathy B.

Thank you!!
I like French Ultramarine Blue mixed with either Burnt Umber or Burnt Sienna lean the mix…

Question for Painting on Location

Q: Good Afternoon Birgit,
Thanks for the email, so glad the your book is available at Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. I shop at these two places. I have this book already and it signed which I found very nice this personal touch and the fact that you answer my email. Providing me with a helpful solution to my challenge with the back ground color for my floral painting. I use to paint a lot years ago and life just got in the way too many things happen. Now I'm getting back into it and your book with the DVD has been very helpful and inspirational. My next challenge is to paint on location. The last time I found it distracting and I couldn't focus on just one flower, scene, or subject matter, not to mention the bugs, mosquitoes, the light changing so fast. There is so much to deal with before you get ready to paint. I got so stress out, all I could do was take lots of photos, with the intend to use them when I got home. Do you have any suggestions?
I'm one of those stude…