Monsters Inside Me: The Tick-Borne Parasite : Video : Animal Planet

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Babesiosis is carried by ticks. It can cause extremely high fevers and even death!

When I was horribly ill one doctor told me that I shouldn't watch programs like this or do research on babesia or Lyme because she said that it is better left up to the doctors. ...Right....funny thing non of those doctors diagnosed problem or knew what tests to ask for, only by doing my own research I was able to ask the right questions and know what I was looking for. ...(makes me so mad - it is better to be informed and not in fear)

The blessing from my own experiences is that I can help others... and am not shy to talk about it. It is a very strange thing, I don't know if most people people with Lyme are afraid of judgement (it seems that some are) and others go into denial. (That has ben shocking to me). The problem with denial is the longer you ignore it, the worse it gets and you start treating the symptoms and not the underlying problem.

That was what they were doing to me (treating the symptoms) but intuitively I knew that there was a bigger problem and in fact in the beginning I felt that there was some sort of virus moving through my body, in fact I even said to my family it feels like I have been sprinkle with some sort of Germ Warfare.

It didn't feel like a cold or a flu it was a little different and hard to put my finger on it and didn't know how to explain it to a doctor......but then even after having classic symptoms and a good record of events. The doctors didn't catch it, I requested my blood to be tested by a top Lyme lab but the blood went to the more convenient lab for them, resulting in three false negative tests...and it goes on from there. So believe me I am not blowing smoke I am warning you.


  1. We have to be our own advocates with our health...always. Doctors know what they know but we are living it, whatever 'it' may be. Good on you for pursuing this and getting the DX and the help you needed, Birgit!


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