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Mendocino Spring Flower workshop
In Mendocino CA.

I challenged the ladies with Daffodils, Calla's and Tulips they all did a great job and learned allot very fast. We all had a wonderful time.

Waves & Water DVD coming soon

Coming soon: If all goes right, I might have the editing done this afternoon, then off the the replicators next week - this DVD program is about 1 1/2 hours, rather long but it is PACKED with so much information, multiple demonstrations and EASY painting exercises that you can follow along. No doubt you will feel successful, I do hope you enjoy it. I'll keep you posted.

Covering large areas quickly

Hi Birgit:
I was attempting to paint as you do, following along with your video, but my own flower, etc.
The question is that I had a large area in the background on the upper left top. By the time I painted around the detailed areas of the flower and then attempted to pull the paint to the edges, I was not getting the flow that I wanted and needed. I painted that area 4 different times trying to get the look. Any suggestions?
Sharon D. CA

Hi Sharon
It might be hard to make a suggestion with out seeing what you are doing exactly, I usually work pretty dry along the edges with a small brush then increase the size of the brush as the area gets larger then pull the color out with water or diluted color.
Hope that helps
Best wishes