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New DVD Reviews

New Wave, Water & Clouds DVD Reviews are coming in

Here are only a few reviews that some of you have sent back to me. I am so glad that you are enjoying this new program.

Hi Birgit,
I've only watched 5 minutes of your DVD and have learned not to work so hard on those clouds. I'm in is awesome, cannot wait to be able to watch and paint through out the rest. Thank you, you are the best teacher/demonstrator. You have found your calling!!
hugs, Penny WI

I viewed the rest of the DVD and it is just as great as the first 5 minutes. I photographed Point Bonita and it seems to me that a vertical scape of land pieces jutting out and water splashing up against land with little lighthouse at bottom would be challenging for me, BUT with these new skills from DVD I might be able to pull it off. THAT would make me a very happy camper.
You're the best! Penny, WI

Hi Birgit,

I have been thoroughly enjoying your new DVD, it was a great follow up to the workshop a couple of weeks ag…