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Little Things Make a Big Difference in Marketing your Art

This is a great article from Xanadu Gallery

Have you ever stood in an art gallery and said to yourself: "My work
is better than the art in this gallery. Why are these artists selling in
galleries and I'm not?"

I have spent the last several years helping artists answer this
question. I have discovered it is the little things that can make all
the difference in an artist's career.

Before I share some of these little things that add up to make a big
difference, let me introduce myself. My name is Jason Horejs, I own
Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona. I have owned the gallery for over
eight years, and have been in the gallery business for 17 years.

Can little things make a difference in your career? I invite you to
ponder the suggestions below, all ideas I will expand upon in my
upcoming workshop. These little ideas, put into practice with your
marketing plan will help you present your work more professionally. They
will help you get into galleries and sell more of your…