Don't claim work that isn't yours

Heard a very interesting story from a student of mine today. After another workshop she had done with me she was very proud of what she had done and went back to her art group to share it. ....Funny thing, another artist that was there chastised her in front of the group for stealing her composition, and told her that it was hers and that she was selling prints etc of that painting.Only to find out, that person had already taken several of my workshops and was now calling it her's .... she then took the other woman aside and apologized and said she never thought that I would have used the same composition again...and that since she lived some distance away I would never know...has it come to is a small world and there is something called copyrights and ethics.

I discuss that in many of my workshops and that you want to be known for your own work, not as someone that is stepping or stealing from someone else, it does not build a good reputation. I really think what I don't like about this most.. is that this other artist tried to embarrass and crush the enthusiasm and spirit of the other student which is not right and this is why I am mentioning it.