Tip: Great idea for travel sketching

Here is a wonderful idea from Vanita one of my students in Houston TX is to take a small Altoids tin and fill with a light molding clay (the kind that you bake) then press in wells from your brush handle and fill with color. Great idea creating an inexpensive travel kit for being able to sketch anywhere - now all you need are tiny 2x3 pieces of paper that can fit into your pocket. (similar to what I have in my Field Studies DVD)


  1. Hi Birgit, What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great idea Vanita.Will go looking for these 'ingredients' this week. Still lovin' your field studies DVD, Birgit.I really enjoy having a go at a few local field studies.
    Thanks for sharing Vanita's nifty idea, Birgit. Very hot out here in inland Aussieland, but no excuses, especially with 2+3".
    B well.


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