Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mendocino Botanical Gardens

before the workshop today we took a field trip to the Mendocino Botanical Gardens for take advantage of all the blooming Rhododendrons for new reference material. Beautiful day, great light no wind, absolutely perfect.

What a wonderful opertuntity for students to take photos and get new refereance material with all of the Rhodendrons in Bloom. They always say that they want to know how I see the flower and home I create the compostion - well that takes about 2 minutes then they happily dart off's funny...poof their gone, just like kids. The Fort Bragg Botantical Gardens is the only one in the states that goes all of the way to the ocean. We never have the time to see it all, but students are always welcome to go back at the end of the day or at a later time. I try not to take much class time with our tour so we always meet there before class and catch the morning light.

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