Sunday, May 8, 2011

Not Your Average Rose

It doesn't matter what I do my paintings never disappear on the wall, Judy Bett's once said to me your paintings command attention. Yes I guess that's hiding for me, even if I wanted to.

I usually stay away from roses since mine are always SO BOLD and not very delicate. This rose painting started out light and pretty (as they always seem to do).... but it just did not have the depth that I wanted. So I started layering then there I go again "intense".

I felt a little uncomfortable about sharing this one, as I was painting this piece I knew it was more of my subconscious journey rather than a replication of my reference photo. many times my choice of color and compositions reflect the past or future, a premonition of sorts.

When I have the time to paint for me and not for workshops, it is a spiritual journey because I never know what the outcome will be.

Below You can see how the light rose has glowing color but not much depth. I just can't help myself, I can not feel that a painting is done unless I can peer under a petal or feel that I can travel into the center of the flower.

Working with Tranparent color you can create deeper color but it is difficult to get the contrast that I'm looking for.

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