The other day I had another instance where a student of mine that produce a painting from my step-by-step instruction from a composition that we did in class. She asked if she could use the workshop painting that she did for a poster that would be published to promote an organization that she belonged to.She said they loved her painting, I told them that it was not appropriate. She would need to use her own composition and concept.

This is what happens
If someone recognizes the composition as mine they can think what happened to the quality of my work. The other is that it damages the name and reputation of the person that is trying to pass it on as their own as being a fraud.

I have been speaking to other instructors about this problem and here are some of the other stories I have heard. One said they went in to judge a show and the name of the judge was withheld as to not influence the subjects that were submitted. The entries were all received and then when the judge arrive he was shocked to see that one entry was almost an exact copy. Needless to say that person was released from the show and banned from further competitions.

Another story was where one National instructors was contacted by someone, who saw an instructor in their area offering workshops on the style and EXACT subject matter of the national instructor. The painting that they showed on their web-site was taken directly off the national instructors web-site but his name had been removed. Needless to say he contacted her with a cease and desist order...she was so apologetic etc. and agreed to do so. Only for him to find out later that the only difference she made was to include his name on the paintings on her web-site. This is not ethical.