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Mid-Southern Watercolor Demonstration in Little Rock, AR

Just did a demo for the Mid-Southern Watercolor Society, had lots of fun. The people are warm and wonderful, I am really enjoying myself.

Roses as an Enduring Symbol

I have been fortunate to have been included in the current November 2011 issue of Artist's Magazine along with five other artists in the how we interpret the subject of the rose as an enduring symbol and make it seem new. On sale now.

My pallet

I still have my pallet set up the way I did when I first started painting, they are separated into families of color, my yellows on the upper left, reds on the right, greens along the sides, browns on the bottom and indigo in the lower left hand corner. If needed I also have other pallets and other color schemes for different subjects.

If I was to do it now, I might have considered following the color wheel and having the complimentary color on the opposite side, to make it easier to make a neutral grey. If I tried to change it now I would simply be fumbling with it and feeling like I was learning to paint all over again.

Should you change your pallet set up when taking a workshop
Many times people ask me if they should change the set up of their pallet for my workshops, I tell them to use what they have and add to it.

Label your color
To keep track of any new colors your using write the name of the color on a piece of artist tape or along the side with a permanent sharpie marker.

What I am…