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L'Art de l'Aquarelle" June issue, is now available

L'Art de l'Aquarelle" June issue, is now available.
I am honored to be included in this worldwide portfolio along with other US artist's Jeannie McGuire, Steve Rogers, Jeanne Dobie, Grace Swanson, Myrna Wacknov

My Latest Article "Green's Are Good For you"

Here is my most current article in "Artist's Magazine" in the July / August issue " Green's are Good for you" Tired-and-true tips on how to mix a convincing green in watercolor-whether you're paining leaves or landscapes. If your not able to find the magazine on your local newsstand you can also do a digital download through the North Light Shop


The other day I had another instance where a student of mine that produce a painting from my step-by-step instruction from a composition that we did in class. She asked if she could use the workshop painting that she did for a poster that would be published to promote an organization that she belonged to.She said they loved her painting, I told them that it was not appropriate. She would need to use her own composition and concept.

This is what happens
If someone recognizes the composition as mine they can think what happened to the quality of my work. The other is that it damages the name and reputation of the person that is trying to pass it on as their own as being a fraud.

I have been speaking to other instructors about this problem and here are some of the other stories I have heard. One said they went in to judge a show and the name of the judge was withheld as to not influence the subjects that were submitted. The entries were all received and then when the judge arrive he was sho…

Copyright infringement

This morning it was brought to my attention of another artist that has replicated my work and is selling it on Etsy. I see that they have already sold three and have two others posted. If your a new artist there are basic copyright laws that means you do not infringe upon another artist's work, reference material or concept -you can take a look at what I mean "here"
.....and if you are an experienced artist you should know better or legal action will be taken...Here is the image of the original

As it turns out after contacting the artist and Etsy they pulled her store immedaitly. So it is no longer visable.

At the same time another student contacted me wondering if she could use the painting that she did in class using my referance photo & sketch for a poster. I would have liked to have said yes but unfortunalty this is unacceptable. If someone reconize the image as mine (which is very likely) and the quality was less than what they expect of my work it is not good for …

Absolutely Beautiful

I am starting to think that I should think of doing a plein air workshop it was absolutely beautiful yesterday here in Boone NC

Workshop in Boone NC at Cheap Joe's