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Merry Christmas Everyone Love Birgit, Boon & Opie
Regsitration for my workshop at the Madeline School of the Arts in WI  is now open June 24-28

Tip: Trees with Blossoms

This quick demo helps to give you an idea of how you can paint trees with blossoms and incorporate them into your own paintings, and always remeber to have FUN

Atmospheric Landscape workshop at the Pt Reyes National Seashore

Atmospheric Landscape workshop at the Pt Reyes National Seashore Field Institute.

Looks like a quilt - it's a challenge to see them as individual paintings this way but it's great for the students to see how similar yet so different they are. we can then analyze where things work and what needs to be improved.

Diana was ready to throw this painting away, nothing was working, no horizon line, the landscape was too small, the sky too big, all that needed to happen was a little suggestion of more trees, changing values in the landscape, using what she already had in the sky and a little more grass.

Watercolor Basics

Here is a nice little preview from my Watercolor Basics Program . It keeps things very simple and is great for Beginners.

Bonita Springs

The end to a Great Workshop - Happy Holidays

Bonita Springs

After the workshop here in Bonita Springs we headed down the the beach to catch the sunset.

Those of you that know my husband Boon from my workshops  can see that yes he joined us here too. LOL

The perfect sunset

Bonita Springs Workshop 2012

The Bonita Art Center is a lovely art center, it is a wondonderful location with bright sunfilled studios. They offer workshops in all media. In this workshop we worked on a new compostion each day which helpd the students get a better understanding of the tecniqes used.

I find that is best for students to follow along with me step-by-step in using the same comopostion so they get a better understanding of how to apply the tecniques.


In Florida the light seems so much brighter and colors more vivid. I was inspired to paint this beautiful Hibiscus. Hibiscus can be a challenge  due to their large pistol and single flowers. I truly enjoyed playing with these colors.

Sanibel Island

After my workshop at the Villages in FL I went and spent a couple of days on Sanibel and Captiva, small islands off the coast of Florida. It was a wonderful adventure, I went there because I heard so much about the multi color and different shells that are plied on the beaches. I thought this would be a perfect place to relax and get more referance material for paintings.

I was amazed how relaxed all the shorebirds were, you were able to walk right up to them without them flying away. This should give you a good idea of how wonderful the beachs are - perfect for shelling.

The Villages Workshop 2012

My Florida Workshops over the next couple of week will be the last Big Workshops for 2012. I will soon post my 2013 Workshop Schedule.  I am really hoping over the next couple of months that I am finally able to work more on the new DVD's along with "maybe" writing another book. I have so much that I want to share.

Yes this is the Golf Cart Capital of the World - and yes it does feel like an adult Disney Land. These little carts are so much fun and Way too cute.

Fall Colors in the Napa Valley

Amazing fall colors in the Napa valley

A student of mine would like to start a painting group in the Northern Napa Valley Calistitoga area if your interested let me know or you can contact her directly at Caroline Avery it would be a wonderful opportunity to get to know other local artists

Calistoga Workshops Fall 2012

We are doing two back-to back workshops in Calistoga in the Napa Valley. First workshop - Rocks, Sand, Sea Glass. Second workshop will be Fall Colors /Landscapes in the Napa Valley

In this workshop we worked on many different techniques. texture, shape, sea glass, putting rocks under water etc. What a great time - I was Shocked with one student and how well she did, she had never picked up a brush before and she was like a nijia watercolorist she completed paintings, kept up with us  and painted like she has been painting for years.
Carolyn's wonderful painting What a beautiful interpretation of the techniques we have been working on and how she turned it into her own vision.
Painting Sea glass We applied the same basic techniques to Sea Glass then experimented with sand vs no sand.

Hard working students It was wonderful to hear everyone laughing and sharing stories, it was a great group. Not only did the learn a LOT of new techniques but made many new friendships.

End of a great workshop

I love painting BIG

I have painted Diptych and triptychs of this 60x40  size vertically and horizontally it can be a Bear to frame & hang. I had a one woman show in Hong Kong with many of these larger size paintings. ..the paper it is  known as Arches Watercolor Paper 1114 lb. Cold Press 10-Pack 40x60 you can get it through ASW, Jerrys, Mister Art and others places ASW JerrysMister Art

Workshop in Henderson KY at the John James Audubon Museum

I'm looking forward to my workshop at the John James Audubon Museum in Henderson KY September  24 - 27 Workshop cost $ 300 (great deal)
If your interested  contact  Kim McGrew Audubon Museum Henderson, Ky. 42420  (270) 827-1893

Good Times in Santa Rosa

I always enjoy teaching my "Rocks, Sand & Sea Glass" or when I'm in the mountains I call it "From the Rivers Edge" workshop, (with a slight change in some of the subject). In my longer workshops on this subject we are beginning to paint rocks underwater along with other added things  such as leaves etc.

I will be repeating this subject in Calistoga with a 3 day workshop in October there are only a few openings left. October 20 - 22Rocks, Sand & Seaglass (landscape option has a wait list) If your interested visit this link