BIG Brushes

I found this very funny, some of my new friends in Victoria BC have purchased the brushes that I like, they were so surprised of the sized of the size. They had fun and pretended they were swords.

I know when many people get them they can be a little intimidated by their size - but that's the point, sometimes size matter. It is much easier to work an area in a few quick strokes then to overwork it with too many small ones or the other thing that happens is that color is drying faster then you can work.

the five sided handle is extremely comfortable and fit naturally in your hand, the other wonderful thing about the handle is the way it's cut helps to prevent the brush from rolling on the table and across the painting.

The brush set I have available on my web-site and in my workshops are what I consider the most important brushes to have.

# 30 Natural Blend for Watercolor & Gouache
This is a mix of Kolinsky Red Sable, Russian Blue Squirrel, and Russian Black Sable, along with small amounts of synthetic hair.
It has the benefits of the finest natural hairs for watercolor:
The water-holding capacity and wash strokes of squirrel.
The pointing and edging of red sable.
The stiffness and durability of black sable.
Seamless, nickel-plated brass ferrules are rust-resistant.

# 8, 14, 20 for Watercolor & Gouache
It is almost the same as the natural blend but has more synthetic hair along with the natural so it holds a little less water, gives you more control and is a great overall brush

Bamboo hake -great for applying large amounts of water, so color can flow easily but it can loose hair easily which can be easily fixed with a little crazy glue along the edge of the bamboo working it into the hair along the base. Instructions

# 3 synthetic will hold the least about of water but is great to to lift debris.