Sedona Workshop 2012

 Sedona was an amazing location for a workshop red rocks, clear skies it was very inspiring. I enjoyed doing the workshop for NWAS Northern Arizona Watercolor Society. Along with some of the members we had 16 students from all over the country that came to join us

 There were many wonderful places to go for hikes after the workshop. Here is just one of them I am on top of the airport Vortex. You can see how the trees twist as they follow the energy as they grow  out of the rocks.

 It was such a treat to see the bright yellow balloon fly over the desert they actually came and landed right next to me as I was standing on an overlook and invited me to a champagne picnic - such a nice invitation but I was on my way to teach my workshop - perhaps another time. Funny how I saw the same one a couple of weeks ago in Calistoga, as it turns out that same balloon was from the same company here in Sedona and they sold it to the people in Calsitoga - what are the odds.