"Rocks, Sand, Sea glass" May 28–31

I just finished a wonderful workshop on flowers in Mendocino my next workshop at the Art Center is "Rocks, Sand, Sea glass" May 28–31, 2012 This class is always fun, fun fun ...people always try to pick the sand off of the paper but it is really the illusion of the watercolor. I will also be doing Rocks in Jackson Hole WY in July for those of you that can't get to the coast. We will call it "From the Rivers edge"

Mendocino, CA   May 28–31, 2012
"Rocks, Sand, Sea glass" 
To register and for more information

Jackson Hole, WY      June 29 - July 2 
"The Rivers Edge" 
To register and for more information visit in Jackson Hole, WY


  1. Birgit I just love your rock painting. Way to go girl. Keep bringing joy to people. Love it!


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