Spring Flowers in Mendocino CA

If possible I always like to share some of the photos in the workshops, we have such a good time and I am always so impressed with my students results of their paintings. In April we  had a wonderful class in Mendocino. Instead of trying to do a new painting everyday they decided to take on the challenge of more complicated compositions with lots of shadows perfect for Springs vibrant color.

 Funny students - Thanks Maria LOL

First time student.  Very successful
The wonderful thing about many newbies is that they do not have a preconceived idea of what they can and can't do and don't get caught up in what they think the rules should be. They simply have fun and just try with remarkable success. 

Some of the most frustrated students are the ones that think they know it all and are unhappy when they are using their usual techniques expecting different results. It is better to let go, have fun and breath..and if you are struggling that's good because then you are learning something new.

 Love this photo...Barbara looks like she is blooming out of the flower.

 Great Job

 Stand back   I always tell my students to stop being on top of your painting, take a moment to step back to get a new perspective.

 Thank you all to my wonderful students for making this class so enjoyable.