Friday, August 10, 2012

Mendocino Water Lilies

Just finished a workshop in Mendocino CA. I added a new composition of a water lily inspired by one of my students Marie Synder. It was fun to work on pinks & purples. Everyone learned so much. How to lift the petals away from the other and not have their painting look flat.

The paper always makes a difference in how it reacts to color and the flow of color in the water.

It is always magical when students step away from their paintings. It gives everyone a chance to get a new perspective. They are always surprised at how well they have done, even students that don't like their work, once they put it up it doesn't seem so bad and they have a chance to see how they are all working in the same direction. It is amazing how everyone can use the same composition and how different they come out.

In the workshops I find it is most often the best way to learn is to following along with me to learn the technique then apply it to their own paintings

 Another successful workshop with wonderful students.

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