Monday, October 22, 2012

Calistoga Workshops Fall 2012

We are doing two back-to back workshops in Calistoga in the Napa Valley. First workshop - Rocks, Sand, Sea Glass. Second workshop will be Fall Colors /Landscapes in the Napa Valley

In this workshop we worked on many different techniques. texture, shape, sea glass, putting rocks under water etc. What a great time - I was Shocked with one student and how well she did, she had never picked up a brush before and she was like a nijia watercolorist she completed paintings, kept up with us  and painted like she has been painting for years.

Carolyn's wonderful painting
What a beautiful interpretation of the techniques we have been working on and how she turned it into her own vision.

Painting Sea glass
We applied the same basic techniques to Sea Glass then experimented with sand vs no sand.

Hard working students
It was wonderful to hear everyone laughing and sharing stories, it was a great group. Not only did the learn a LOT of new techniques but made many new friendships.

End of a great workshop
Calistoga in the Napa Valley is a wonderful venue, beautiful little town, relaxing mineral pools and ample time to paint. What could be better.

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