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Jackson Hole WY

Just arrived here in jackson Hole WY for my upcoming workshops.

The Power of RED

When teaching a workshop if painting red flowers I should probably post a “WARNING” sign.
It seems every time I use red or red yellow combination people “can” get agitated, leave early for the day or end up with a headache, while others absolutely love the bold colors and are excited about the composition they are working on.
When painting red flowers I try to warn them about the color and the affects it can have on them, even on a level they may not even be aware of. They think they are prepared for their emotional responses and reactions but the intensity seems to sneak up and surprise them. I have even tried changing the composition to make it less intimidating but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I do after all call the workshop “Big Bold and Beautiful Flowers”.
Before we begin to help my students be more aware of their possible reactions to color I like to ask them a few simple questions and notice the first color that comes to mind and their immediate response. There is no ri…