Setting up your Palette


I am often asked how to set up a palette. 
You will get many different answers because each artist is individual and it's really personal.

Some set it up with complementary colors on  either side of the palette, other artists by temperature etc etc. I originally set mine up by the family of color- yellows, reds etc. starting with the colors I use most often,  then leaving empty wells in between so I could fill them with colors I might try later. I keep all of my extra colors in tubes.

Some artists fill their wells with color and let them dry in between paintings (which I don't I like fresh color because it moves better)  if I still have color left in my well after painting I cover it with the lid. If it dries, 
before starting the next painting. I will add another fresh squirt  to the existing color (about the size of a Lima bean).

When teaching a workshop I don't expect the students to have their palette set up exactly the I do (If they can, it's great) but if they are already familiar with their pallet I would prefer them to place the colors that we are using as a class and put them where it makes sense to them. Otherwise it can be one more distraction during the learning process.


  1. I need to start setting up my palette like this - at the moment I just squirt it on as I go along and end up in a bit of a mess!!!


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