Friday, April 26, 2013

New Mexico Art League workshop 2013

We just had a great workshop at the New Mexico Art League, in Albuquerque. We're planning the next workshop at NMAL for early June 2014. In the meantime you can join me in Toronto, Boone. NC or Cloud Croft, NM or at any of my other workshop venues. Hope to see you there.

I was so amazed at how well everyone did with the complicated composition.

We all enjoyed a wonderful lunch together

The workshop was held at the New Mexico Art League in Albuquerque.

My wonderful assistant Ming and amazing artist.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tip: Texture with Alcohol

Here is a wonderful tip that one of my students found on the web. It's  another fun way to add more texture onto rocks & stones and make them look really real. Very wet, heavy paint, splattered with alcohol. Play with it, a great trick 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Framing Without Glass Q & A

 Q:    Hello Birgit  
I just purchased and watched your tv video. It is excellent. So helpful to watch you work. Most of my paintings are in Holbein Acrylic or Holbein Water Soluble Oils. Can this mounting process be done with these paints?  If so, do I need to make any adjustments?  I paint on Fabriano Artistico 140lb, but I could switch to 300. Will wetting the back of the paper cause the acrylic paint to be released from the paper?  
My biggest question is: Why Clay Board?  Obviously because it is absorbent, but will plain wood panels also work?  I bought 15 American Eagle 20 x 20 plain wood panels to which I wanted to attach my acrylic painting series.  Will this method of mounting work for them?  Do you have any suggestions? Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, Patricia

A:  Hi Patricia 
I don't work with acrylic or water soluble oils but is should work fine (always test first) just make sure to have an archival surface between the paper and the wood.
Lightly wet the back of the paper so the paper is pliable then continue with the tecnique.
I like using a 300 pound paper because it very durabable and less likly to show any tiny air bubbles. Another nice trick is to use a squeegee to help get more air bubbles out. Put a towel, plastic wrap, paper or some other clean type of surface on top of the painting first then use the squeegee to remove any additional air bubbles.
Best wishes Birgit


Q:   Hi Birgit
 In the video Framing Without Glass you use clay board with a cradle. I make my own frames and was wondering if this technique would work with tempered hardboard mounted on a cradle?  
Thanks Ian

A:  Hi Ian
 That should work fine, all you really need to do is make sure that there is an good solid  archival buffer between the wood and painting. This could be gesso or some other ground medium. Best wishes Birgit

Thursday, April 4, 2013

New DVD - Rocks, Sand & Sea Glass Released

Released today April 4, 2013
Rocks, Sand & Sea Glass   
This 2 disk program is packed full of fun and information. Follow along with seven different step-by-step lessons and learn many techniques that can help make painting easier. Understand more about shape, texture and how to pull those rocks and stones up off the paper as if by magic. Create sand that gives the illusion of real sand with a three dimensional appearance. Have fun, enjoy yourself and feel successful. Running time 103 minutes  

Part 1    Lessons 1 & 2 
Introduction & material list,  follow along in Lesson 1 and learn the foundation of  shape, shadow, color and texture while creating stones and sand. Lesson 2 apply these techniques into a simple composition using a very unique texture application. Running time 49 minutes

Part 2    Lessons 3 - 7 
Step-by-step lessons of turning sand into pebbles, painting muscle shells with sand inside, bending kelp, ripples in the sand, review, different compositions, wet and dry sea glass, along with many other fun techniques. Running time 54 minutes  $ 69.95  
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 Rocks, Sand & Sea Glass 
Workshops 2013

May 6 - 7        
Rocks, Sand & Sea Glass      Toronto CAN
All levels: more information contact Tamar Citak at Studio Six    tel: 905-475-1136  fax: 905-475-1271
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July 6          
Rocks, Sand & Sea Glass       Pt Reyes CA 
Pt Reyes National Seashore CA  All levels welcome. More information
Contact Jen Spangler,  415-663-1200 x 373,   
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Aug 5 - 9      
Rocks, Sand, Sea Glass         Mendocino CA
All levels To register contact call 707-937-5818 or 800-653-3328 or online
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