Tip: PrimaTek Colors / Natural Stone Pigments

 When painting Rocks Sand or Sea Glass here are some wonderful colors you can try from Daniel Smith Watercolors

I really enjoy painting with theses pigments because they are natural, come from the earth and are not a synthetic from the lab. I love the way the pigment granulates and settles on the paper. Especially the Rhodonite, Ziosite and Hematite for rocks, and for glass Fuchsite Genuine, Serpentine Genuine among others. You can really get interesting and unique effects by using these colors but try not to over mix them if you can, otherwise is can flatten the results you might be trying to get.
 There is something magical about adding these natural stone pigments and incorporating them into  a painting, especially if your composition includes a landscape or other natural formation such as rocks. Prices range from $8.69 - $26.57 
For orders over $75 you will can request a free dot card so you can test the full range of available PrimaTeck colors.
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Have FUN.
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