Iowa Watercolor Society Workshop 2013

I am really enjoying Iowa, I'm here for the IWS yearly meeting, doing two workshops, judging their show and  demonstrating.

The roads here are very straight where I live the roads are all very windy. Corn, corn, corn and soybeans everywhere. There is a real beauty in the simplicity of the landscape, old barns. and big sky.

The Cicada's are VERY noisy, they sound like little laser guns the kind from the really old Sci-fi movies, they have many different tones. 

I'm finding the farm reports very interesting (love the dancing corn on tv). I now have a better understanding of how to prevent cross pollination, nitrogen and and how complicated it can be to balance the soil reports to the crop.

I'm looking forward to our next session.


  1. I am from Davenport, Iowa...where is the workshop?

    1. Hi Mary - so sorry to have missed you, yes it was through the Iowa Watercolor So. but both classes were already full with wait lists. Perhaps another time, I'll try to kee you posted.


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