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Tips & techniques: Hake Brush quick fix

Many of you know how much I really love my bamboo hake brush and the amount of water it holds. Yes, I am sure that many of you out there think I must be crazy due to the amount of hair it can loose. Here is a little YouTube clip for you to follow on how to do a quick fix.
How to stop loosing hair in a Bamboo Hake

Santa Barbara Workshop 2013

We had a wonderful time in Santa Barbara and I am looking forward to going back soon. A special Thank you to Jacqui Bravo our hostess for all of her hard work, she is amazing and goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is prepared and comfortable, what a wonderful group of talented artists. We only had three days, it is always interesting to see how excited everyone is in the beginning then how quite everyone gets as they start to focus and start painting. 

 The photo of this beautiful young girl standing with me is Mackenzie, she was on the beach and became our Official group photographer, we had a lot of fun.

Tomales Bay Boat

This is one of the demonstrations that I did for our workshop last weekend and since all the roads were closed to the ranches in the national Seashore I added this wonderful boat from Tomales Bay. I haven't painted boats in years, it was fun and I look forward to painting more.

Historic Barns & Ranches Workshop VS Government shut down

With the government shutdown we have had quite a challenge pulling this workshop off. As you can see all trails, roads, destinations and workshop space were all closed. Our original plan was to go out to the Historic Pierce Point Ranch catch the evening light gather reference material, perhaps do a little sketching and hopefully get a glimpse of the Tule Elk.

With the help of the Point Reyes National Seashore Association and their hard work and support of the West Marin School in Point Reyes Station we found a suitable location for our workshop on Historic Barns and Ranches. 
 We even had an unexpected guest and as you can see she sat right up front.

Black Mountain Working with simple shapes we break techniques down to size