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2014 Workshop Schedule

Just in case you want to give Santa an idea of what to give you for Christmas, you might want to look at my 2014 Workshop Schedule

I have added new fun and exciting workshop titles and venues to my existing schedule such as Newfoundland Canada, Gloucester MA, Myrtle Beach SC, Dillmans WI, Mill Valley CA and the Napa Valley CA

Copyright infringement

I haven't spoken about copyright infringement for quite awhile but this morning I received an email that started me thinking about it again, so I thought that this might be helpful for you.Before my last workshop I was contacted by someone that brought to my attention that a former student of mine was showing and possibly selling prints of what they had done in my previous workshop. The person that contacted me was a former friend and teacher to this student and mentioned that this person was also selling compositions from her class.This situation is not unique, it happens quite often. The problem is once someone contacts me about a potential copyright infringement I have to follow up. I don't enjoy this, but I must bring the problem to the persons attention.In this situation what ended up happening, as my student was their way to my next workshop, their former friend and teacher hired an attorney and presented them with a cease and desist order, with the intention of prosecut…

Fall Colors Workshop in the Napa Valley 2013

We had a wonderful week in the Napa Valley painting fall colors, early morning light, brilliant color, great food and wine. I am already looking forward to next year.

In the morning before the workshop many of us would go out into the field to catch the light.

Deon's first watercolor, good job

It's always so fun to see the many different styles that emerge from the workshop, even if they painting the same subject or compostion, they are never the same.

Tips & Techniques: Lesson - Center of the Flower, Matilija Poppy