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Tips: Value creates distance

This very simple watercolor demonstration can help you have a better understanding how value creates distance in a landscape. 
This segment is from my Atmospheric Landscape DVD part 2, or you can find more information on how this basic technique is applied to other landscapes in my book Watercolor Essentials by Northlight Publications or visit

Tips: How to Paint a Rainstorm in Watercolor

With only a few simple steps and a limited palette learn how to do paint a rainstorm in watercolor. .. enjoy

Tips: How to see value

Tips: Proper care of Watercolor Brushes

Brushes can make a difference in the success of your paintings, many of them can be quite expense and if you take care of them they can last a very long time.
When painting I like to place my brushes on a terry towel to absorb the excess water and prevent them from rolling over the table and possibly on my painting. After painting I lay my brushes flat or at a “slight angle” tip down to allow the excess water to drain off. 

Cleaning your brush I simply rinse my brush with clean water. Washing them with too much soap can damage and dry the hair making them brittle. If you feel that you still really need to wash your brush then use a mild soap, such as ivory, baby soap or brush soap (which is specifically designed for washing brushes). Put a little soap in the palm of your hand and work it into the hair of the brush. Repeat as needed.
Shape To reshape your brush, wet the tip then flick your wrist in a downward motion to remove the excess water and reshape the point. If you prefer not to flic…