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Tips: Alvin Dry Cleaning Pad

Here is a great tip from Debra. She loves this Alvin Dry Cleaning Pad. After she has her line drawing down on watercolor paper if she wants to lighten or erase anything she uses the dry cleaning pad. It doesn't erase too much or too little, just what she needs. She simply rolls the eraser around on top of the drawing and lighten the lines without damaging the paper surface.

Product Description
This cleaning pad erases dirt utilizing a dry cleaning method. It contains an exclusive grit-free powder that gently removes dirt and smudges without abrading drawings.The pad never needs washing and can also be used to clean drawing tools.

For more information you can find this product here Dick Blick 

Why do I teach the way that I do?

I received a comment on my Facebook Fan page today where a person said....

Are these all paintings by one person? Or,are several people copying one person's work?......learning a technique is great.....but why not apply it to something of your own? I would hate a class like this!!!Carol 

It was an interesting comment and I am sure many of you may wonder about it, so here was my response. 

Hi Carol,
Thank you for your comment and the opportunity to address this. The point of working on the same painting is to learn about the techniques and how to apply them .... (that is why most people take workshops). The techniques may look simple but never are (as my students can tell you). We spend time going over students reference material and how make more powerful and intriguing compositions and they are always encouraged to do their own composition, but most often don't (perhaps 1% will choose to do something on their own) and if they do, they usually regret that they didn't work on t…