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Upcoming live interview on KWMR

I would like to invite you to join me this Saturday, December 20, 2014 for my live interview with Elia Haworth at KWMR on her program Original Minds 9-10am Pacific Standard time. We will be discussing my career in watercolor, workshops and possibly Lyme disease is West Marin along with other surprises. You can  listen live online at
If your in the West Marin area you can find it on your dial at  90.5 FM Pt. Reyes Station 89.9 FM Bolinas

Watercolor event December 3-29, 2014

I would like to wish you all a Happy Holiday Season and invite you to join me Friday December 5, 5-7:30pm in Point Reyes Station, CA for the Opening Reception of my show, Watercolor in Motion. It will truly be a special evening, all merchants will be open until 8pm with the Tree lighting ceremony beginning at 6:30pm.

Accordion sketch book

I have to say I was so impressed with one of my students Debbie Abshear at my Calistoga workshop this month. Debbie does a lot of Plein Air Painting and is always doing value sketches where ever she goes, either in her note book or as you can see here, in an accordion sketch book which she make herself. I loved what she was doing and want to share her talent with you, basically she does quick studies to help her find her values then places the local color along side with a few notes. Love the affect and her work.

Value studies in a Accordion Sketch book 
Local color placed next to the sketch 
Debbie can make these sketch books any size that she likes
This was a beautiful painting that she did 

The Star Flower - New Program

I am happy to announce that I have a new instructional program called The Star Flower available as an online rental or purchase as a download. DVD to be available for the Holiday Season
Star Flower 15x22 Watercolor
This program was filmed live in an actual workshop, now you can almost feel as if you were there. We will be working on a half sheet of 300 lb CP watercolor paper then starting with a simple exercise I will walk you through the painting process from beginning to end, every step of the way.
Star Burst 60x40 Watercolor
To view the program follow this link or copy and paste it into you browser

Fall Colors

I was so impressed to see how everyone did during the workshop.  This wasn't an easy painting to do and they all did so well, with the large luminous washes, building texture, negative and positive painting, it was really exciting to see them all together.

Karen handled the negative space and shadow on the grapes beautifully .
Love the smile Julie, true happiness...Great job 

Fall Color in the Napa Valley.

We had a wonderful time looking at and painting fall color. 

The ladies bought me a cake to celebrate my Birthday during the workshop, it was so sweet of them.
 One evening we went to the Calistoga Inn for a lovely dinner and were serenaded by Alvon Johnson, that was a lovely treat.

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Pueblo CO Workshop

I really enjoyed my time in Pueblo Co what a wonderful workshop. So many talented and interesting artists. The workshop was held at the historic site of the original Pueblo and now beautiful museum in Pueblo.
Our token man Bob, only had about a total of three hours of painting before the workshop. After discussing brush strokes, the amount of water used, type of brushes he really took off and the improvement was amazing to watch over a few days. The workshop was successful for all level of artist's, beginning to advanced, some like Bob and others  that have won National Competitions. Using the same composition helps everyone to get out of their box and away from their familiar style to learn and understand new techniques.

Pueblo CO

Art is everywhere, I just judged a watercolor exhibit for the SCWS at the Sangre de Cristo Arts and Convention Center in Pueblo, CO. I was so impressed by the quality of paintings. At the museum we are in good company, works from Picasso, Matisse and Chagall are showing Sept 19 - Jan 11, and in town murals are everywhere.

 Murals line the rivers edge.
Sangre de Cristo Arts and Convention Center  Judging in progress
 Art is everwhere

Trees in the Fog

Learn by using only two colors how to create misty trees in the fog in this very simple little painting.  This easy demonstration can help give you a better understanding of values and how to use them.

Abstract Art

The experience of standing in an art gallery in front of a huge painting covered in various shapes, textures, colors, and ideas, scares a lot of very intelligent people. No one loves the feeling of thinking they should know or understand something, that utterly confuses their psyche. Abstract art can have this very effect on many of its viewers. Often, with no recognizable shapes, words, or forms; abstract art can stun, and sometimes even stump, art appreciators.
The very essence of art, is creative expression. And if that is so, can art be considered bad? or good? Wouldn’t it simply be about the authentic expression of the creator?
Abstract art is the epitome of raw creative expression, and is often challenging to decipher or label. But simply because we may not understand completely what the artist was attempting to express, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to embrace the beauty of abstract art and find in it, a feeling or emotion with which we can relate.
Though abstract art may se…

Five Benefits Of Buying Original Artwork

Webinar today 8-26-14 at 1pm EST

Join me today 8-26-14 at 1pm EST for a Webinar on my book Watercolor in Motion with

Get personal insights and interactions with Birgit as she discusses inspirations, techniques, and more all found in her new book, Watercolor in Motion.Everyone who registers for Birgit's webinar will receive a special discount code to be used at for Birgit's Watercolor in Motion book and dvd combo.

We hope you'll join us!

If you cannot attend the live event, a recording of the free webinar will be emailed to all who register to view at their convenience.  

About Birgit: Birgit O'Connor teaches watercolor workshops and has written for several magazines, including Watercolor Magic, The Artist's Magazine, and Artist's Sketchbook. She has produced 12 of her own watercolor instruction videos. Her award-winning work has been featured in four galleries, numerous private and corporate colle…

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