Benefits of Taking a Watercolors Workshop

Sometimes people are a little nervous coming into a workshop, they may think that they are not good enough or don't have the experience or others may judge them. In a workshop environment everyone is really there to learn. Even the best and most experience artist can struggle with another artists technique, that's why it is called a workshop, if offers everyone the space to experiment, have fun, make mistakes, learn and play.

Many art lovers know that various forms of art are beautiful, and can add much joy to your life. Aside from gorgeously decorating your home; the love of art, and creating art, can be beneficial and healthy in many ways. Creating art is able to increase one’s sense of well-being, and help to expand your overall feeling of happiness.

Watercolor is best known for the beautiful transparent layers of color and jeweled like effects that it can create. It has a reputation for being the most intimidating of all mediums, since most people believe that if you if you a mistake there is no fixing it unlike oil, acrylics or collage. But really that is not true, just like the medium itself work with change and allow it to flow.

What to expect from a workshop

Whether you feel that you have natural artistic talent or not, joining a workshop can benefit you in many ways. You may end up discovering artistic talents that you were unaware of, or simply begin to allow yourself to express emotions in a more fun, relaxing, and creative way.  Try not to set your self up with the expectation of creating great art or that you have to be the best artist there is, that is why it is called a workshop, it is about the learning experience and application of new techniques and how you will interpret them into your own style. If by chance you do create great art, then that is an added bonus, but don’t put that pressure on yourself. If you’re a beginner and enter the class with the idea that you are there to learn and have fun you are ahead of the game.

Some major benefits of taking a watercolors workshop: 

A New Mode of Expression

Taking a watercolors workshop opens the door for new ways of expressing yourself and releasing emotions. Sharing your deepest thoughts with a close friend or family member may not feel right all of the time; being able to share your feelings and emotions in a more abstract and personal way, is perfect for certain moments in life. Working with watercolors is a very free-form way of allowing your emotions to flow.

The Joy of Discovering Hidden Talent

Sometimes you don’t know what you are capable of, until you give it a try. Joining a watercolor workshop may help to uncover hidden artistic talents, you may have never known you had. In this way, you get to know yourself more deeply and intimately through a creative expression. The world of art is vast and takes on many different forms. Through working with watercolors, you may find your passion in other forms of artwork as well.

Helps to Relieve Stress

Art classes have the ability to take your mind off your worries and the stresses of everyday life. By taking a workshop, you can have a special time set aside for focusing on learning and creating, instead of any problems you may be facing. Worry is simply another form of energy output, and learning to paint, can give that energy, an alternative way of releasing itself. For those who find it challenging to meditate, working with watercolors is another great way of bringing some imagination and peace into your world.

Experiencing Personal Growth

Trying something new will allow you to realize that you are never too old to begin again. Many people in their 70’s, 80’s, even 90’s, have learned to create artworks that express themselves. Learning and exploring something new at any age, expands your spirit, brings about positive thoughts, and opens up possibilities in the mind. Anna Mary Robertson Moses, more famously known as, Grandma Moses, was a very well known American folk artist. She began painting in her late 70’s, and lived until 101 years old. The majority of her success came after the age of 80.

So join a watercolor workshop today, and see what fun you have, how much your imagination increases, and discover the new and exciting adventures that will unfold for you.