Sunday, June 22, 2014

Northeast Art Workshops & Retreats 2014

I always like to try to share with you a glimpse of my workshops, I was just in Gloucester MA giving a workshop for the Northeast Art Workshops and Retreats. It was so much fun, wonderful people, great food, just a absolutely beautiful location.
Sometimes people get a little nervous about taking a workshop and don't know what to expect, so consider this try not to make demands on yourself, be open, have fun, make new friends, be inspired and learn. Can't wait for September of 2015 when we will be painting rocks.

Great Food

New Friends

Great class

It was wonderful to see how much everyone developed during the week and how their confidence grew. We had experienced artists and beginners. I try to take the stress out of learning something new and give you a framework to be able to be open and explore.

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  1. Hi Birgit, Lovely photos looks like you all had fun, and some great food. I live in Norther California and would love to attend a workshop sometime I love your technique and the way the blended colors look. I have practiced this and can see the difference when the paint dries between the brushed on and the blended using the technique of letting the watercolor roll on the paper. I just watched your video on mounting paintings without glass, very informative, was wondering how do you mount your paintings when you want to leave the rag edge. I notice the paintings behind you they look like 22 x 30 size how do you treat those? They do not look like they are framed, or matted. The only thing I could think of using is maybe a mount board, and using the soft gel medium to adhere the painting to it. It would seem that the rag would have to fit on the board perfectly and not go over the edge, this is what I cannot see from the paintings you have behind you when you tape in your studio. Sorry for the long post, trying to figure out how to hang them without having to use glass. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I have learned lots from your videos.