The Emotional Benefits of Art

Most art lovers would agree, that creating, viewing, and appreciating art, is good for the spirit and can certainly affect your mood. Art encompasses many creative forms and every piece of art is as individual as its creator, so its effects on our psyche and emotions are varied and diverse.

The expression of creativity in all its variations, is immensely related to many aspects of our “sense of well-being” and purposefulness in the world. But though many of us know all of this intuitively, what are the proven effects of creating and appreciating art?

Various art forms have been used in therapy sessions for decades, and there are therapy and counseling programs that have been fully developed around art and creative expression. The effectiveness of Art Therapy is based upon the idea that everyone is creative in some way, and does not require its clients to be Picasso, but only asks that they be their uniquely creative selves.

The Proven Emotional Benefits of Art

1. Through creative expression, people are often more able to see parts of themselves more clearly. There are aspects of ourselves that we tend to keep hidden or may have blocked away when we were kids for self-protection. Exploring the world of art and creating art can be used to open up those blocked areas and help us to release, otherwise, trapped emotions.

2. Trained Art Therapists can help you to process those unlocked emotions. It can be challenging, at any age, to deal with emotions that were never allowed to surface. Working with an Art Therapist can be extremely beneficial in working through our emotions in a healthy way.

3. It’s important to know, that research shows that you don’t need a therapist to benefit from art therapy or creative expression. With a bit of study and reading, combined with your participation in some art form, whether it be creating collages, working with watercolors, or taking frequent trips to the museum, anyone can benefit and experience a greater ability to be more open with their feelings, and develop an emotionally healthy practice of sharing with others.

4. Art appreciation and creation can help to reduce the amount of stressful emotions that occur, and have also been proven to lessen anxiety and tension. Combined with a healthier lifestyle, other enjoyable emotional outlets, such as spending time with friends, as well as quality time alone,- art and the expression of creativity, can be a true catalyst for emotional healing.


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