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Northeast Art Workshops & Retreats 2014

I always like to try to share with you a glimpse of my workshops, I was just in Gloucester MA giving a workshop for the Northeast Art Workshops and Retreats. It was so much fun, wonderful people, great food, just a absolutely beautiful location. Sometimes people get a little nervous about taking a workshop and don't know what to expect, so consider this try not to make demands on yourself, be open, have fun, make new friends, be inspired and learn. Can't wait for September of 2015 when we will be painting rocks.

Great Food
New Friends
Great class

It was wonderful to see how much everyone developed during the week and how their confidence grew. We had experienced artists and beginners. I try to take the stress out of learning something new and give you a framework to be able to be open and explore.

Simple and Easy Brush Tutorial

Here is a "Simple and Easy Brush Tutorial" that was filmed at Cheap Joe's in Boone NC teaching a workshop. Cheap Joe's is a great place to submerge yourself in a workshop and Art Supplies. The people are so friendly and easy to work with and if your really lucky you might run into Joe himself and hear one of his many wonderful stories.
Here is a snippet to give you an idea of what the workshops are like.  My next scheduled workshop there will in June 2015

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