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Work in Progress - Challenging Composition

The most challenging about this composition is the fact the original reference photo had the branches on the right dividing the image in half (a real composition no no). So to resolve this is I dropped the tiny branches into the background to enhance the larger more stunning branch. I would still like to work on it a little more but it will give you an idea.
The jeweled light filtering through the leaves was really fun to do. I used different

Beyond The Flower into Abstraction

What a wonderful time in Calistoga.
In this workshop I am able to explore and take the students deeper into my thought and painting process. I was amazed at how well they did, first we break the composition down into large shapes, then into smaller and smaller ones. The idea is not about seeing the flower rather the abstraction of it and then how to transform it into a successful painting.

The prerequisite of this particular workshop is to already have 2-3 flower workshops with me so we can move beyond into even more exciting work.

Before tackling the flower we work on shapes and shadows, persimmons are a really fun subject to paint.

Historic Barns & Ranches Workshop

What a fun and successful weekend of painting at the Point Reyes National Seashore where we were painting "Historic Barns & Ranches" Normally we travel out to the Pierce Pt Ranch but with uncertain weather and shorter days we stayed closer to park headquarters at the Historic Morgan Horse Ranch.  Keeping paintings a little smaller made it easier for everyone to be successful within the short time frame that we had.

Not Just a Rose

I love my Calistoga Workshops where we are able to have more intimate classes. Students learn SO much with this simple design, larger washes, glazing, layering color, building depth etc. It is wonderful to see everyone be successful. It's the same design but really not the same ...there is so much more to a painting then just the composition. My goal as an instructor is to share my techniques but allow the student to express themselves and share their own experiences and personality. 
Look for more of my Calistoga Workshops in the Napa Valley coming up  in March and November 2016