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Where I buy my paper

Hi everyone, I was just asked by a student where I get my paper, 300 lb CP (Cold Press) paper. This is a great question because many places only carry blocks or 140lb sheets. Personally I like either Dick Blick or Cheap Joe's their prices are both pretty competitive and sometimes Cheap Joe's has amazing sales, or one place will give you free shipping, but I'll let you figure that part out. 

I like to use Natural white, 22x30 Arches Cold Press and then tear it down to size. 

You will see all the different sizes available and consider buying your paper in bulk even if 5-10 sheets at a time, or place an order with a friend

Cheap Joe's or  Dick Blick

Update on Make your flowers Sing Course

Update: I made a couple of improvements to the "Make Your Colors Sing" course. the video lessons are now downloadable to your device so you can view the lesson anywhere. Another change is that I have included a printable 15x22 line drawing, that can be used to transfer your drawing to watercolor paper. Let me know how this works for you. I am planning on making other courses downloadable along with the larger PDF files.
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Meet Scooter one of my new students

Nancy one of my students, sent this photo to me and said, Meet our kitten, Scooter, a rapt student of Birgit. Makes it a little difficult for me to view the daffodil DVD!
LOVE the picture, thanks Nancy It's nice to have students at all levels 

Tips: Tearing Watercolor paper

Are you looking for an easy way to tear watercolor paper?
Here are some easy tips

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"Brilliant Saturated Color"

Hi everyone I just added a new course to my online school take a look at "Brilliant Saturated Color".
If you have questions or new ideas for other courses just let me know at
To view the school Click Here
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