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Loose Wildflower Paintings

Loose Wildflower Paintings Looking forward to this weekends workshop where we will be painting  Wild Flowers of the Point Reyes National Seashore. 

We will practice different techniques, loose, wet-into-wet, and more controlled painting, should be lots of fun.

San Fernando Watercolor Society

Here is our group photo at the San Fernando Watercolor Society workshop.  Thank you everyone for such a great time.

....and yes after the workshop, I found my way to Disneyland...joined my family, and my granddaughters took me on all of the scary rides.  After riding on roller-coasters everything else is a piece of cake

New friends in Southern CA

We have a full house here in Southern California at the Valley Watercolor Society.

Valley Watercolor Society 2016

First day of our workshop in Southern California for the Valley Watercolor Society, one of my students Claudia Kazachinsky did this wonderful little painting of me, just had to share.

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How to Tear Watercolor Paper

Have you ever had problems tearing watercolor paper ? I think you are going to LOVE this. 
This little snippet is from one of my workshops it is such a quick and easy way to tear your paper down to size. This works well for most papers.