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Portland & Oregon

Teaching a workshop in Portland OR and judging a show in Vancouver WA. Sunny skies, Full moon rising, I am so excited to see the Columbia River and Mt Hood

I here in Portland for the Vancouver Watercolor Society to do a workshop and to judge their show, my nephew took me to Portlands Rose Garden what a beautiful place and rare find.

Rocks Sand & Sea Glass course preview

Limited 30% discount offer, use code: RocksSeaGlass Oct 9 - Nov 20 6 Week - Interactive Premium Course Free Bonus course included: Framing Without Glass Go at your own pacePaint anywhere at anytime day or nightLive meetingsInteract with other students if you likeLifetime access with no time limitDownloadableEasy to follow step-by-step lessons designed just for you, paint realistic Rocks, Sand and Sea Glass, learn how to float leaves and put rocks underwater. Ask questions anytime during the course and you will be able to apply these techniques into your own paintings with confidence, have fun creating successful paintings with no mistakes. All Levels Many students that have taken this course have gone on to be very successful artists, showing and selling their work.

Covered in this coarse

Rocks underwaterRealistic Sand and Sea GlassFloating leavesUnderstanding shape and highlightsShadowsHow to give an object a three dimensional look.Positive and negative paintingRelease the fearBuild your co…

Is a photo altered with a filter a watercolor painting?

With today's photo applications sometimes people think if they use a watercolor filter to transform a photo, it's now a watercolor, In my opinion that's not true. It's still a digital image of a photograph that has been altered and should not be submitted into shows or sold as a watercolor painting. A watercolor painting requires skill and the use of the medium, not just a push of a button.

Tips to organizing a studio

Organizing Tubes of color Some of the things that I've helped me the most in my studio is to organize my paints by families of color. You can use small plastic bags, clear plastic drawers with dividers, or to save room even a clear plastic shoe organizer that hangs on the door, this way they are easily accessible.
I like to keep my most use colors isolated and in groups of new and used colors, then depending on my needs I an quickly grab a new tube for traveling or a used tube for the palette in my studio.
Reference Photos Organizing reference photos by subject matter really helps and when painting makes it easier to find what you want. For instance if it’s flowers, the group would be flowers, then by kind or color. Landscapes, could be grouped by type, such as desert, ocean, ranches etc.
Brushes Because different painting styles require different brushes, I organize them by size and type, to prevent ruining the tip, I place them tip up in large stone containers, this way there are easil…

Mendocino & Fort Bragg CA

Having a wonderful time in Mendocino in my "Land & Sea" workshop. Working onsite and in the studio, developing skills, travel sketching, and so much more.
Simplifying the landscape
Over looking Mendocino
At the Harbor
Looking North

Atmospheric Landscapes in Watercolor - Interactive online course

Next Interactive Course July 1 - August 5 2017 Learn how to say more with less and simplify what you see into more exciting landscape paintings with different atmospheric conditions. Be successful and release the fear of watercolor, ask questions, participate in live Q&A meetings have lifetime access and go-at-your-own-pace. 
Limited time offer Save 20% use Code: CoolSummer 

Successful students

I just returned from a workshop in the Appalachian mountains at Cheap Joe's Art Stuff, if you ever have a chance to meet him Joe himself, he will capture your heart and enchant you with his stories. 
The workshop space there is amazing and Oh, my Gosh, to have an art store just on the other side of the door with everything you can possibly imagine, well it's hard not to want to buy everything, it's my kind of candy store, he has a couple of art store locations or you can visit him online
They provide great lunches and at noon many of us sit outside rocking away in the warm breeze.
As you look off into the distance, you can see why they call this place The Blue Ridge Mountains, because they are just that - blue.

Hard working students (and I say the with a smile)

California State University with CWA

Here is a glimpse into our May Workshop that was held at California State University for CWA (California Watercolor Association) what a wonderful group of artists and new friends. Thank you Kathy for the picture.

Free Barns & Ranches course

Join a Free online course Barns & Ranches at This will show you how to access your content and how to log back in.

Enroll in FREE Barns & Ranches Online Course
New Online Course Backgrounds & Shadows  Apple Blossom & Quince

4 - Week Interactive Course Save 20% on Early registration
Course begins June 3 - July 1 
Free Bonus included I am so excited, as we are getting closer to the launch date I wanted to let you know that I keep coming up with ideas and have been adding more information and new assignments, I think you are going to really love this course. Once the course starts and you are logged (if you like) you can download the video lessons to your computer or device so you can paint anywhere at anytime. The 4-week time span is meant to keep you inspired and on track, but you can also go at your own pace and have lifetime access to the content. During the course I am available to all students for comments and depending on my schedule I will be checking in to the Disqus page often for painting reviews. For more information visit the Enroll in course link. Interaction is optional and not required
Ask questions, upload paintings for re…

How to turn a picture into a painting

Join me for a FREE Webinar.

Atmospheric Landscapes
Learn to keep things simple, focus on what's important, discover how to use the photo reference bank. 4 paintings demonstrations and much more.

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Your painting tools make a difference

Do you think any brush will work when watercolor painting?
When trying to paint large washes with smooth color, your brushes make a difference.

Do you ever wonder why your color is too weak or not enough strong enough?
it might be too much water.

Should you cut or tear the paper?

Copyrights Now here is something else to think of

When you sell a painting, does that mean you just sold your copyrights? The answer is No Unless you the artist, intentionally sell the rights, you still own them. This way you can make prints, license your designs and publish as needed.
What do you tell your customers when they buy a painting Tell them in person, or when handing the painting over include a letter of authenticity, with a note that you retain all copyrights.
How does this apply to commissions Before starting a project, have a discussion with your client, depending on the project and clients expectations, some will be flattered and it's not a problem for you to retain the copyrights while others may be commissioning you for a product or other specific reason where they want to control how the image is used. 
Depending on the type of commission Once you are hired, it is really is not so much your idea any longer, you are collaborating, so be clear with your client, and get it in writing before hand.

What if you take a works…

Copyright infringement

Now here is a subject that isn't much fun to talk about, Copyright infringement, it never makes anyone feel good. Most people are not sure what was is and isn't acceptable, basically it simply means that you can not profit from another persons, intellectual property. I know some people will get really upset when talking about this, but this is basic copyright law and these are the facts, you can check with any seasoned professional artist, organization or attorney. If you plan to "sell or show" your work it needs to be entirely your own concept, reference material and creation,
It's okay to look in magazines, or websites etc but don't copy them (that goes for picture or paintings), when you have an idea, change the elements and turn them into your own. If taking workshops or online courses, when specific lessons are given, the copyright is still the intellectual property of the instructor, not the student. Lessons are meant only as learning tools to help you …

2017 Workshop Schedule

Here is my 2017 travel workshop schedule, I hope you join me. 

I have a few opening left for my next 2 workshops in Calistoga CA 

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You don't have to be perfect

I received an email today of someone wanting to take my online Landscape course starting January 7, but was concerned that they weren't good enough. That made me just a little sad knowing how the fear of that feeling can hold us back. My response was....
...I can hear the hesitation and worry in your beautiful story. I do think that this course would be perfect for you, it's not about perfection but more importantly finding the essence and conveying the emotion of what you see.
Since (as you say you are a perfectionist and never happy with what you do), I'm going to say right now take a deep breath, there is no right or wrong, or one way to do it. Where we get into trouble in a painting is thinking that it needs to be a certain way. We want to imitate and if it's not perfect we feel as if we have failed.
It doesn't have to be perfect, or like someone else's, or exactly like what you see, our creative self already knows what to do, finds beauty in imperfection but m…