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Atmospheric Landscapes in Watercolor - Interactive online course

Next Interactive Course July 1 - August 5 2017 Learn how to say more with less and simplify what you see into more exciting landscape paintings with different atmospheric conditions. Be successful and release the fear of watercolor, ask questions, participate in live Q&A meetings have lifetime access and go-at-your-own-pace. 
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Successful students

I just returned from a workshop in the Appalachian mountains at Cheap Joe's Art Stuff, if you ever have a chance to meet him Joe himself, he will capture your heart and enchant you with his stories. 
The workshop space there is amazing and Oh, my Gosh, to have an art store just on the other side of the door with everything you can possibly imagine, well it's hard not to want to buy everything, it's my kind of candy store, he has a couple of art store locations or you can visit him online
They provide great lunches and at noon many of us sit outside rocking away in the warm breeze.
As you look off into the distance, you can see why they call this place The Blue Ridge Mountains, because they are just that - blue.

Hard working students (and I say the with a smile)

California State University with CWA

Here is a glimpse into our May Workshop that was held at California State University for CWA (California Watercolor Association) what a wonderful group of artists and new friends. Thank you Kathy for the picture.

Free Barns & Ranches course

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