Tips to organizing a studio

Organizing Tubes of color
Some of the things that I've helped me the most in my studio is to organize my paints by families of color. You can use small plastic bags, clear plastic drawers with dividers, or to save room even a clear plastic shoe organizer that hangs on the door, this way they are easily accessible.

I like to keep my most use colors isolated and in groups of new and used colors, then
depending on my needs I an quickly grab a new tube for traveling or a used tube for the palette in my studio.

Reference Photos
Organizing reference photos by subject matter really helps and when painting makes it easier to find what you want. For instance if it’s flowers, the group would be flowers, then by kind or color. Landscapes, could be grouped by type, such as desert, ocean, ranches etc.

Because different painting styles require different brushes, I organize them by size and type, to prevent ruining the tip, I place them tip up in large stone containers, this way there are easily accessible.

Keep brands and weights of paper separate, try not to mingle them (this happens in art stores all the time), you may think you have one type of paper but then later find out you grabbed the wrong one, “look for the watermark”.

If possible store the paper in a flat file, if needed under your bed, and try to make sure the temperature or humidity doesn’t flexuacte too much. Too much humidity can deteriorate the sizing on the paper and over time the paper may not react the same way.

A place to contemplate
Sometimes we need to just sit back think what we are going to do next, having a comfortable chair works nicely or what I really like  just outside my studio door, I have a large planter filled with water and a very small waterfall. The sound of the moving water soothes the soul and the birds like it too.

What I would never get rid of
In my studio I have a special place for memories, my children's art, clay sculptures, stones from places I have visited, and other things that are small but mean a lot.