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Keep track of the color your using

When painting, keep track of the colors and combinations that you used, this way if you leave and come back, or want to do another painting that is similar you will know what to use. 

White Flowers Online Course
It is easy to keep track, of colors, have a note book handy or even scrap paper. Anything that you can refer back to in the future.

Common painting mistakes

When painting and just starting out, or even if your experienced, there are some common mistakes to avoid.
·Using too may same size strokes ·Using too many dark colors or light color ·Using too many different colors ·Not putting enough color in the palette ·Dabbing your brush, instead of long flowing strokes ·Don’t be stingy with paint, put a generous amount in the well
Composition ·Don’t leaving too much empty space around objects ·Don’t place your object directly in the middle of a painting ·Avoid having everything lumped together in the center. ·Avoid even numbers ·Avoid objects of equal distance and size
Painting ·Think of big shapes, (simplify and minimize). ·Avoid painting a dark ring of color around objects ·Don’t’ get fixated on a problem, work the overall painting ·Don’t think too much, stop over analyzing, be creative and don’t worry about mistakes ·Try not to outline objects (unless your travel sketching) ·Don’t try not to be like another artist, be honest with yourself and the artist you wer…

Painting snow in watercolor

As the weather is starting to change you may enjoy this simple little lesson in painting snow.

SWWS Workshop 2017

We all had so much fun at our workshop for the Southwest Washington Watercolor Society. Fearless Flowers! what that really means  is that you are pushed to not be so shy with color, learn not to try so hard and let that inner artist out, and be confidant.

We may be using the same composition but they are all so different, here we can see what works, what doesn't, what you may want to add into your own painting or eliminate.

Portland & Oregon

Teaching a workshop in Portland OR and judging a show in Vancouver WA. Sunny skies, Full moon rising, I am so excited to see the Columbia River and Mt Hood

I here in Portland for the Vancouver Watercolor Society to do a workshop and to judge their show, my nephew took me to Portlands Rose Garden what a beautiful place and rare find.