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2017 Workshop Schedule

Here is my 2017 travel workshop schedule, I hope you join me. 

I have a few opening left for my next 2 workshops in Calistoga CA 

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You don't have to be perfect

I received an email today of someone wanting to take my online Landscape course starting January 7, but was concerned that they weren't good enough. That made me just a little sad knowing how the fear of that feeling can hold us back. My response was....
...I can hear the hesitation and worry in your beautiful story. I do think that this course would be perfect for you, it's not about perfection but more importantly finding the essence and conveying the emotion of what you see.
Since (as you say you are a perfectionist and never happy with what you do), I'm going to say right now take a deep breath, there is no right or wrong, or one way to do it. Where we get into trouble in a painting is thinking that it needs to be a certain way. We want to imitate and if it's not perfect we feel as if we have failed.
It doesn't have to be perfect, or like someone else's, or exactly like what you see, our creative self already knows what to do, finds beauty in imperfection but m…