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Thank you Santa Clara Watercolor Society

We had a a lot of fun last week in my workshop for the Santa Clara Watercolor Society, in the Silicon Valley.  Many talented artists and wonderful students.

My goal was to show them how to take a seemingly complicated composition, minimize and eliminate unnecessary details and focus on what's most important and capture the essence.

While in progress I wanted to convey to them how shadows are very important to the object and how it has a lot to do with value and the amount of water that you use.

I wanted to thank everyone that joined me for the demonstration, we had a wonderful turn out.

Have you noticed a change in Arches paper?

I really wish this wasn't true and would love to ignore it, but have been just so darn frustrated with this. I ordered a large batch of Arches paper only to find that the surface was softer and smoother (my immediate reaction was oh, this feels nice) the BIG problem is, it doesn’t react in the same way. I found out about this fun fact, when doing a demonstration to a packed house and with a week-long workshop in Tucson. My immediate thought was that this had to be a fluke, I contacted the paper company gave them batch numbers of what worked and what didn’t, but unfortunately with no-reply. My emails seemed to disappear into the black hole of cyberspace.
Once I got back to the studio, I contacted customer service department of the company I purchased from, (they were wonderful and unware of any problem) they replaced the remaining paper, the new batch being just fine, so I thought, oh that was all so weird.
The problem I am seeing now, is that many of my students that are getting …

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